My name is Ashkan Saboori. I am a PhD student in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Calfornia at Davis. My major is Structural Engineering with a minor in Pavement Engineering. I am working under the supervision of professor John Harvey.

Educational Background

Interest in Data Science

Part of my PhD reserach is about analysis of the Pavement Management System (PMS) data collected by Caltrans anually from the network highways in California. Working on this data, urged me towards learning the essential toolbox for doing data analysis in an efficient manner. Since 2015, I have started to take courses related to data analysis and coding in both Computer Science and Statistic departments. I have noticed a great passion about data science and am really ineterested in learing top-notch skills in this field. I believe having a strong background in engineering has given me a set of skills for critical thinking and problem solving that integrating with data analysis skills will make me a viable candidate for future job opportunities.

Data Science Projects

Bike Sharing Project in Bay Area

This was a part of STA141B class project in Winter 2016 at UC Davis. The Bay Area Bike Share is the region’s bike sharing system with 700 bikes and 70 stations across the region, with locations in San Francisco, San Jose, Mountain View, and Palo Alto. A bike sharing system consists of a fleet of specially designed bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations located throughout a region. Bay Area bikes can be rented from and returned to any station in the system, creating an efficient network with many possible combinations of start and end points. Read more!